LibPaxos (~2010)

A collection of Paxos implementation developed over the years for research and experimentation. Contains an Erlang “simulator” and C/C++ libraries implementing Paxos and FastPaxos.

Sourcerer (~2009)

Manage environment variables, scripts and shell-related settings across computers using Dropbox.

Easy-GPG (~2007)

A command-line secure password database using GNU Privacy Guard (GPG). Passwords are organized into categories and tagged for search. Files can reliably stored on public services such as Dropbox since they’re protected by strong cryptography.

Erlang Primer (2007)

Example-bases 2-hours Erlang course.

MyLLOC (2006)

Malloc analysis and visualization via dynamic call interception.

TrackLaptop (~2006)

Track laptop location, IP, state by periodically pushing status update to a private Twitter account.

TrafficSim 3D (2006)

A proof-of-concept 3D city traffic simulator.

LasSienas (2006)

Online table and card games built on Siena WAN publish/subscribe notifications.

Kiba (2006)

HTTP server implemented in Scheme.

PanoramX (2005)

File manager with numerous nifty utilities (inspired by Norton Commander) implemented in Java and Swing.

Mac Web Control Center (~2005)

Large-buttons web interface designed to set up a Mac a media center.

Smash The Castle! (2004)

Real-time strategy game (inspired by Age of Empires and similar) implemented in Scheme.